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Gum Opoponax

Species                 : Opopanax chironium


Origin                   : Somalia / Ethiopia


Uses                     : Cosmetics / Pharmaceutical                                      

                               Perfumery / Flavor / Essential Oil /

                               Incense Agent


Quality                 : First Choice


Packing                : 30 kg net cartons / 

                               50 kg net PP bags


CAS No               : 8016-37-3 [Myrrh oil]



Opoponax or sweet myrrh is a cousin of the healing Myrrh—Commiphora Myrrha—with  a warm-balsamic and sweet, honey-like aroma. It is a natural oleo-gum-resin like myrrh and frankincense. The color of its resin is brown; however, good quality crude botanical resin is dark red. Opoponax has been a component of incense and perfumes since Biblical times. Talking of perfumery in particular, Opoponax qualities from several Commiphora are widely used, especially in oriental fragrances, to impart sweet balsamic notes.

Botani General Trading L.L.C is a premier supplier of Gum Opoponax (Sweet Myrrh), committed to delivering the utmost quality resin. Our resin is meticulously harvested and extracted by trustworthy farmers who adhere to rigorous guidelines for sustainability and ethical sourcing, ensuring a product of the highest standard.
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