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Herbs, Gums, Roots & Sea Shells

Herbs, Gums, Roots & Sea Shells

Gum Opoponax - Opoponax Chironium Gum Olibanum - B.Carteri Rhubarb Roots - Rheum offcihale Bail Rhubarb Roots- Rheum palmatum Lin Gum Myrrh- Commiphora Myrrha Mother of Pearl Shell- Maxima Da Pincta Gum Aloes S.A - Aloe Ferox Gum Aloes K- Aloe Secundiflora Licorice - Glycyrrhiza glabra Gum Ammoniac - Doreama Ammomonicum Paris polyphylla roots- Saussurea costus

Natural Gums

Natural Gums

Gum Tragacanth Flakes Gum Arabic Lumps. Used as stabilizers and food additives.

Liquourice Roots

Liquourice Roots

Glycrrizicia galbra var. Roots - Long Stick, Extract , Blocks and sticks

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We supply natural aromatic gums and resins, that are widely used in perfumery industry, religious rituals and proved to contain unique medicinal ingredients.

We acquire directly from origin, having deep networks with farmers and have representatives to give you un-matchable prices..



We trade in organic herbal roots and mineral drugs which were traditionally used in China and Japan as medicines, which are now used by various Pharmaceutical companies each for it's specific medicinal benefits..



Our supply network into the sea!

We bring to you exotic colorful sea shells, used extensively for button manufacturing, art and craft , inaly designs for interior decorations..

We also supply shell meat dried and frozen to far-east..


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