Commiphora Myrrha
Common species Commiphora myrrha, C.gileadensis syn.Commiphora opobalsamum.
Boswellia Farereana
B.Farereana, aka Maydi Frankincense Tree- Somalia
Aloe secundiflora
Aloe secundiflora var secundiflora related species
Aloe turkanansis , chinansis , barbadansis , aloe forex Kenya, South Africa , Yemen
Boswellia Carteri
Boswellia Carteri
Boswellia Sacra aka Boswellia carteri, Boswellia undulato crenata, Somalia, Yemen Oman.
Gum Opoponax.
Ferula Opoponax exudate from C.Holtiziana . Somalia.
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